Joe, Can I make any modifications to my ’09 Mustang GT without using a hand held tuner?

You can update your handling with sway bars, frame connectors, struts, shocks, springs, etc. Improving handling is always a good performance route to take. As far as the performance mods, anything more than a good axle back kit, a tuner is required to achieve the desired gains safely. Modifications to the air intake or headers and x-pipes can cause lean conditions as well as check engine conditions. Gears also require the tuner to correct the speedometer as well as shift points on the automatic transmission Mustang.

Joe, I would like to come in for a tune-up on my 93 Mustang. Can I just come in now or should I just drop off the car?

Weekdays we are by appointment only, please call first if you are looking to get in for a quick fix or stop by and we will try to accommodate you. If need be, we will schedule a future appointment for you. Saturday we operate on a first come, first serve basis and we fill the daily schedule based on who arrives in the lot first! Dyno pulls and tuning are by appointment only. Please call in advance. We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday we are open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Joe, I am trying to make my 2003 GT as fast as a Cobra, what should I do?

Short of selling your car and purchasing a Cobra, just kidding – sort of. We recommend a good supercharger like a Vortech centrifugal style belt driven supercharger. Will it be as fast as a Cobra, probably a litter quicker than a stock one, but the internals of the 2V engine are not intended to see the higher levels of horsepower as the SVT supercharged Cobra.

Joe, Can you dyno tune my ’69 Camaro with a 500 CI big block Chevy with a 850 Holley with about 600 horsepower?

Absolutely, we can dyno tune just about any carbureted muscle car. Just be sure to bring your jet kit and bowl gaskets and we will accommodate you.

What mods will give me the best “bang for the buck” for my Mustang?

Far and away the best bolt on for the seat of the pants feeling is the rear end gears. A 3.73 or 4.10 ring and pinion is the sure fire way to get that feeling you are looking for. The modern era of fuel injection and overdrive transmissions eliminates the over revving feeling and fuel consumption of the older muscle car days. And to take it a step further, performance exhaust, cold air intakes and dyno-tuning has proven to be beneficial.

What gauges do you recommend for my 2003 GT with a Vortech supercharger?

All supercharged cars should have some type of boost gauge to properly determine the boost range of the supercharger. This is essential for longevity of parts as well as to check if there is belt slippage and general condition of the blower.

Can you Dyno-tune my ’99 Camaro?

Yes! We can tune your 99 Camaro and most other American Muscle cars. Just call to confirm that we have the most up-to-date software/hardware.

Who owns snakebite now?

It is proudly being rebuilt by Jose Lauzardo, our in-house engine calibrator.

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